Maui Island Coffee was established in 1992, at its current location in Lahaina at the Wharf Cinema Center on Front Street, across from the historic Banyan Tree. This family owned small shop and espresso bar is still open today, offering some of the best brewed coffee and espresso drinks to be found anywhere on the island. Please stop by and visit with us over a cappuccino, or relax with a cold drink in the courtyard, surrounded by tropical plants and the sounds of a gurgling fountain.

Our mission is simple: to provide our customers with the best Hawaiian coffees for a reasonable price. All of our Hawaiian coffee is purchased from small estate farms proven to produce exceptional coffee. The coffee is then roasted daily, to exacting specifications, in small batches so that it is always fresh and of consistent quality.

Hawaiian agricultural regulations require that all of the islands' coffees be certified as to their origin, and graded by quality. The Kona coffee is tagged at the farm, certifying it to be 100% genuine Kona Coffee. The coffees are graded according to bean size, quality, appearance, density and moisture content. In order of quality, the grades are: Extra Fancy, Fancy, Ones, Prime, and Threes. Only the best and largest beans receive the top quality ratings of "Extra Fancy" and "Fancy". At Maui Island Coffee, we use only these top two grades of Kona coffee beans in order to bring you a superior cup of coffee.

We also offer the Kona peaberry, where a single bean is found inside the coffee cherry, rather than the usual two split beans. Peaberry represents less than 5% of the entire Kona crop; thus is very rare. The peaberry presents the body and flavor of the Kona coffee with a greater intensity than can be found in the regular bean. The peaberry is also locally rumored to imbue longer life and fertility... who knows?